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In SURESTE, we seek for nature, colors, energy, joy, fun, patience, adventure, effort and balance.

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Surfers around the world choose to start their morning routine with yoga exercises since this helps to develop the flexibility, strength, concentration and stretching the muscles, being the ideal practice to complement the water sport.

We felt the need to improve two important aspects in the products we selected for our brand: functionality and design. Using color and textures on our custom made textiles is one of our goals to add a new variety of products in the market.  Quality and practical use join the design factor on our company main pillars.

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We detected the strong bond between YOGA and SURF practices, which complements the physical and mental preparation from the first to achieve an excellent performance of the second. This is why SURESTE proposes to join these together offering accessories and props with design, practical use and variety.

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"Surfing and Yoga teaches about living a life in harmony with nature.

The most natural thing we do, the simple act of breathing,

really becomes a foundation of our surfing and yoga practices.

When we breath correctly, and concentrate on our breathing,

we become aware of an increasing sense of mindfullness.

Our world has endless distractions, and losing focus is easy.

A large part of attention is being able to be in the moment,

right here, right now.

The message here is…Life is for living, so if you have the intention

to try and live each moment to the fullest,

even if you miss a few along the way, you are doing good."

Gerry Lopez

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In SURESTE we believe in the importance of enviromental responsibility.
This is the reason why we offer ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS such as our Yoga Mats and Cork Bricks.
Our PACKAGING is also PVC plastic FREE. Our products will be handled in paperboard boxes or paper bags 100% recyclable.

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We will DONATE 3%

of your purchase to

KARUMBÉ URUGUAY to support endangered biodiversity,

specially sea turtles.


With your SURESTE product

you are supporting the



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